When motorbikes were first invented, they were considered a niche and unusual form of transport. It was rare for riders to meet up with one another socially. That changed after the First World War. The engineering of bikes became more sophisticated. Once these vehicles were commercially released, it led to the formation of bike-focused societies.

This included famous motorcycle clubs such as the Hell’s Angels. These communities began to be represented in popular media. Even today, many video games feature them. As a result, even more people decided to become bikers. While this was happening, tobacco products were also seeing a big boom in sales. It was widespread to see motorbike riders smoking.

This is no longer the case due to a greater understanding of just how unhealthy cigarettes are. Long-term smokers will often decide to quit for good. However, this does not necessarily mean that they have to give up nicotine entirely. They could switch to the Nordic Spirit UK pouches sold by Northerner. These smoking alternatives will be very appealing to bikers who are struggling to quit cigarettes or cigars.

Why Did So Many Bikers Smoke?

The prevalence of cigarettes in the past was not directly linked to motorcycles. In fact, smoking cultures were extremely widespread. A large section of society enjoyed these products, including bikers. Cigarettes were heavily marketed to the public, and their use was normalised. Motorcycle riders may have used them to de-stress after a long trip on the road. Occasionally these people would even smoke while they were still operating the vehicle.

A Variety of Strength Levels and Flavour Options

In modern times it is much wiser to opt for nicotine pouches instead, as they offer more benefits. In addition, bikers can choose ones that appeal to their own unique tastes. For example, they may decide to order a pouch that comes in a particular strength level. There is a decent variety of flavours available. They include mint, citrus and coffee.

Inspired by Nordic Snus

In the early days of motorbikes, there were several popular models designed by Scandinavian countries. Conversely, modern nicotine products are inspired by snus, a well-known delicacy in Sweden. The problem is that snus is restricted within the United Kingdom. As a result, bikers have to utilise alternatives. The Northerner website provides a plethora of high-quality options.

A More Convenient Alternative

Nordic Spirit UK pouches will seem more convenient to bikers compared to smoking. The product is simply placed under the person’s lips. In contrast, a cigarette has to be lit and inhaled. If the user is on their bike at the time, it is easier to consume pouches as it gives them one hand free.