Motorcyles are really popular as props for photoshoots and of course, motorcycle manufacturers also have to advertise their product. When they hold a photoshoot, regardless of what the end game is, they want to make sure that they achieve the right image.

Confident models

If your models are confident, then that will show in the photographs. If your models are self conscious and uncomfortable in front of a camera it will show, and you will end up with final images that you are not happy with,

Why would models not be comfortable

There are many reaons why your model might feel a lack of confidence, maybe the clothes they are being asked to wear are not comfortable or flattering, or maybe it is their first time and they are unsure what to do and how to pose naturally. Another reason could be that they are not happy with their body.


One solution would be teardrop implant breast augmentation. They are the most natural looking of the implants, and can help to boost a womans size a little until she is feeling a lot more self assured. It might be that your model has the opposite problem and already feels too top heavy and uncomfortable, a breast reduction with teardrop implants from companies like Motiva can help her to finally feel happy about her body.

Setting the scene

Outdoor shots are the best idea when you want to capture the right feel for your motorbike advertising, after all, that is where it belongs, out on the road. Showing the bike at a motorshow is exciting and you get hundreds of people passing by and having a look, but there are other, better ways to advertise your motorbike.

If you want to showcase what your bike can do, then you need some action shots. Hire a race track for a few hours and have someone (a professional preferably) ride the motorcycle around the track. The photographer can get some great shots from all different angles. You might also want to consider video presentations, petrolheads love the sound of an engine!