Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast or just starting out, it can be important to know the parts that make up your bike for a number of reasons. For example, say your bike breaks or isn’t working properly, knowing the make up and components of the bike can help you quickly identify the source of the problem which can save you time, money and sometimes even keep you safe!


The frame of the bike is like the frame of your car; it is essentially what keeps it together and can be compared to the skeleton of a human, if our skeletons were made out of aluminum or steel. With the way various motorcross and motorcycle sports have evolved as well as the evolution of technology, there has also been an introduction of newer and more costly materials like magnesium.


Suspension is built into the front for and the rear ones support what is known as the swingarm. The front suspension on a motorbike is typically simpler than the rear which can consist of dual shocks or event softail suspension. There are a few other types of suspension as well.

Front Fork

A small but mighty part of the bike that allows us to steer ourselves where we need to go. In terms of being able to handle and move the bike, this part is one of, if not the most, crucial part.


Unless you have or see a custom made or rare bike, most motorbikes feature an internal combustion engine that requires gasoline to run. There are some specific models that still run on diesel fuel. Typically motorbikes have four cylinders and there are often either a single or twin configuration but it is not rare to see the V twin or the opposed twin configuration as well. Four stroke engines are what you will see on most models as well, despite the fact that two strokes have some notable advantages. Four stroke engines, however, do tend to be better for the environment and actually tend to be more reliable as well.


The foot lever is the key to the manual transmissions on most bikes.


The wheels themselves tend to be made out of steel or aluminum unsurprisingly where the spokes are made of steel and the hubs are aluminum. One piece wheels are common except for dirt bikes and some other off roading models as well.


Pneumatic tyres are most common but some actually are filled with a dedicated mousse to protect against any and all puncturing. There are many different tyres that exist to help with different needs and terrains. For example, road bikes have different tyres than motocross tyres to help accommodate the different terrains and conditions.